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Coworking designed for you, right where you need it. Productive office space for companies of all sizes, downtown and across the street from Ciudadela.

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Penthouse Coworking Office

santurce, puerto rico

Most companies aspire to make it to the top and now you can – literally. Our Penthouse location offers the best views of San Juan.


Here at The Parq we’ll provide you with exactly what you need – for as long as you need it! No long-term contracts. No expensive and time-consuming efforts in building out an office. We’ve handled everything. Your next office is Move-In Ready!

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According to a Recent Study

% of members who say coworking has expanded their professional network.
% of members who can trace a referral or business opportunity to a coworking connection.
% of people who say they’re happier while working after joining a coworking space.

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Our Agreements are as flexible as you’d like. Receive discounts for longer-term contracts or stay month-to-month for maximum flexibility.

Of course! Current tenants include Online Marketers, Real Estate Lawyers, Act 60 Specialist Consultants, etc… As long as you need an office, we’ve got a spot for you!

San Juan is reliant on an out-dated and vulnerable power grid.  However, you don’t need to be! Here at The Parq, we have a backup generator to keep you working… even when PREPA isn’t!

Covered car and bicycle parking available.

Special discounts and coupons coming soon!

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